Glow in the Dark Luxury Weighted Blanket with Blue Star Minky - Glass beads - Adult, Teen, Child

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Relax with this awesome glow in the dark star cotton paired with Shannon Fabrics Blue Star Minky for a fun, yet beautiful weighted blanket. 

Our Luxury Weighted Blanket is filled with glass beads! This gives the blanket a smooth, luxurious feel. The beads are evenly distributed in a liner between the fabric to eliminate the quilt or sleeping bag look. 

What makes our weighted blankets so calming?

The weight of the blanket feels like a nice warm hug. Children (and adults) love hugs! Hugs from someone special can make a person feel calm and reduce stress. Our blankets provide that feeling of a hug. The weight of the blanket provides pressure or proprioceptive input to the user’s joints, muscles, and bones. This input is calming and can help improve sleep! 

Have you ever had a deep tissue massage? Do you remember how calm and relaxed you felt after the massage? The weight of the blanket does the same thing to the body. It provides just enough pressure all over the body, providing an amazing calming sensation.

The weight of the blanket should be 10% of the user’s body weight plus one pound. For example, a 40 lb. child would use a 5 lb. blanket!

Machine Washable - cold water

Tumble Dry low - or Line dry 

*Custom blankets may take four to five weeks for delivery

**Do not use on children under three years of age

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