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The Benefits of Weighted Blankets and Restless Leg Syndrome

The Benefits of Weighted Blankets and Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless legs can be exhausting. When you just want to go to sleep, but your legs won’t stop moving. Komfy Couture’s weighted blankets may help your body relax so that your restless legs stop and give you the peaceful sleep you need and deserve.

Komfy Couture’s weighted blankets use high quality glass beads that are evenly distributed to give the deep pressure your body needs to release serotonin and let your body naturally relax. The serotonin eventually turns into melatonin, letting your body fall into a peaceful sleep.

“Absolutely beautiful blanket! High quality, incredible softness, easy care, this is perfect for my Restless Leg Syndrome! Have slept so wonderfully like I haven't in years. So so so worth the investment!!! And Rachael is so easy to work with! A++”

“I love EVERYTHING about my blanket! Rachael was great to work with; it's beautiful and most importantly I am sleeping so much better! I have restless leg syndrome which kept me (and my husband) awake many nights. Since using my weighted blanket, the "jimmy legs" have pretty much stopped! Happy Wife, Happy Husband, good sleep! :) Thanks Rachael! My blanket was worth the wait.”

“I love everything about this beautiful, well-crafted, handmade, custom blanket. The faux fur is SOOOO soft and the cotton Batik is fresh and elegant. I really love that it's made with glass beads rather than plastic. It feels and looks very luxurious and the BEST part is I've slept with it for 3 nights in a row and no RLS! Better than pills, that's for sure. Thank you so much for your beautiful product. I'm recommending to friends.”