Anyone may Benefit from a Weighted Blanket

Anyone may Benefit from a Weighted Blanket

Lets face it, we all have stress. Whether you are young or old, happy or in a dark place. We ALL have stress. Jobs, school, retirement, vacation, lay-offs, stay at home parents…the list is endless. There are days where we just want to hide in a dark room and hide! Komfy Couture’s weighted blankets may help reduce stress. The deep pressure from the weighted blanket helps the brain to release serotonin and naturally calm your body. Try one today and feel the stress melt away!


“What can I say, this blanket arrived and within minutes my family was as literally fighting over it! My daughters (5 and 7) were instantly in love with how the blanket made them feel and were asking if I could order them their own. My husband, who doesn’t usually believe in “this type of stuff”, was a believer and a convert within minutes. Rachel is so prompt with messages and really works with you to give you the blanket you want. It does take a bit to get, but once you get it you instantly see why - the quality is absolutely tops. It’s completely hand crafted and the care she takes in making sure the beads are evenly dispersed (and will stay the way) is evident. I will be ordering two more for each of my daughters.”

Size Chart

          Weight (LBS)

User                        Blanket

35-40                          5-6

45-50                          6-7

55-60                          7-8

65-70                          8-9

75-80                          9-10

85-90                          10-11

95-100                        11-12

105-110                      12-13

115-120                       13-14

125-130                       14-15

135-140                       15-16

145-150                       16-17

155-160                       17-18

165-170                       18-19

175-180                       19-20

185-190                        20-21

195-200                        21-22

205-210                        22-23

215-220                        23-24

225-230                        24-25

235+                                25