Why are Komfy Couture's weighted blankets the BEST on the market today?

May 08, 2018

Why are Komfy Couture's weighted blankets the BEST on the market today?

As any Google search will tell you, there are MANY weighted blanket makers out there on the internet. So, what exactly differentiates a blanket from Komfy Couture versus the others? Well, for starters, all of our blankets are hand-made right here in Manheim, Pa and the finishing is done by Rachael, the owner. Actually, Rachael handles everything from taking the initial order to working with each client to design their own, individual blanket from scratch, to sewing and packaging.  She has a small group of employees who all work as a Team to create the best product possible. You can choose from hundreds of fabrics and patterns as well.

Also, unlike may other weighted blanket companies, Komfy Couture's blankets are made with glass beads the size of a grain of sand. The others use poly pellets which are much larger and create a more "lumpy" feel.

Rachael has created a special technique to craft her blankets such that they do not come out looking like a quilt or sleeping bag. There are no stitching "squares" on the front or back of the blanket. So, the blanket has a much more polished, luxurious look to it. In fact, they look pretty much like any high-end, non-weighted blanket you would see on the market. Because of her special technique, the glass beads will not shift from their intended location within the blanket. This ensures that the weight is distributed equally to create that constant pressure that allows a weighted blanket to perform at its best.

Rachael is also the Mother of several children who have sensory issues and this has fueled her passion for making sure that every customer has exactly the correct weight for their blanket so that they get that firm but gentle "hug" feeling that a weighted blanket can create.



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Size Chart

          Weight (LBS)

User                        Blanket

35-40                          5-6

45-50                          6-7

55-60                          7-8

65-70                          8-9

75-80                          9-10

85-90                          10-11

95-100                        11-12

105-110                      12-13

115-120                       13-14

125-130                       14-15

135-140                       15-16

145-150                       16-17

155-160                       17-18

165-170                       18-19

175-180                       19-20

185-190                        20-21

195-200                        21-22

205-210                        22-23

215-220                        23-24

225-230                        24-25

235+                                25