Weighted Blankets for Dogs and Cats

Posted by Rachael Wood on

I have had a lot of requests for weighted blankets for dogs. Since I use glass beads in my regular weighted blankets, I was concerned with safety. Dogs like to chew. I thought about using poly pellets, but still, a dog could choke if it rips the blanket open. After looking into different options, I designed a blanket that uses special fabric to create the weight. We still use the plush luxe minky on the outer shell to give the feel of a luxury blanket while providing the gentle pressure of a weighted blanket. 

Like humans, dogs and cats can feel anxiety. Using a thunder jacket has been proven to help with the anxiety, however, after doing some research, some dogs do not benefit from it. Giving the dog the option to get out of the blanket gives them the freedom they desire. 

I have been letting my dogs try the weighted blankets and they LOVE them! Our puppy, Harper, not only snuggles under it, but she loves to lay on it. Our minky is so soft and cozy! It is Harpers' favorite nap spot! 

Get your fur babies a blanket the are sure to love.


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