Komfy Couture's Luxury Weighted Blanket

January 26, 2017 1 Comment

Komfy Couture's Luxury Weighted Blanket

Our goal at Komfy Couture has always been to develop products that are super komfy. Sourcing the softest materials has been our main focus. This includes weighted blankets. At first, we used poly pellets for the weight in our blankts. They work well and make a beautiful weighted blanket. However, the blankets were bulky, especially the larger one. I wanted to find a filler that is even more comfortable.

We have been testing glass beads in our weighted blankets and have had great feedback! The glass beads are much smaller, giving the blanket a smooth feel throughout! The glass beads are also more dense than poly pellets, so the blanket is not as bulky! This is what makes it so luxurious!  The glass beads combined with the softest materials create the most luxurious weighted blanket!


Below are the glass beads. As you can see, the glass beads are much smaller. But large enough to stay in the lining of the blanket. 

These are traditional poly pellets used to fill most weighted blankets. . 

Here is a comparison of the same weight (1 lb.) of glass beads and poly pellets. As you can see, the glass beads are more dense.   

The glass beads create a smooth luxurious blanket. This is a large 15 lb. blanket. 

Our Luxury Weighted Blankets will be available on our website www.komfycouture.com and our Etsy shop at  https://www.etsy.com/shop/komfycouture. These blankets are also custom made! Let us design the perfect luxury blanket for you today!

We purchase our glass beads from https://sandblastingabrasives.com. 

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Tanya Ortega
Tanya Ortega

November 28, 2017

How do u know what weight size to get? I have a son that is 16 yrs old and suffers from anxiety, ADHD and insomnia, which blanket would be suitable for him. He needs a Queen size measurements. Thank u

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Size Chart

          Weight (LBS)

User                        Blanket

35-40                          5-6

45-50                          6-7

55-60                          7-8

65-70                          8-9

75-80                          9-10

85-90                          10-11

95-100                        11-12

105-110                      12-13

115-120                       13-14

125-130                       14-15

135-140                       15-16

145-150                       16-17

155-160                       17-18

165-170                       18-19

175-180                       19-20

185-190                        20-21

195-200                        21-22

205-210                        22-23

215-220                        23-24

225-230                        24-25

235+                                25