Glass Beads in Weighted Blankets

April 23, 2018

Glass Beads in Weighted Blankets

Glass beads are becoming more popular in weighed blankets. Komfy Couture started making weighted blankets with poly pellets five years ago. The poly pellets were large and bulky, making a very bulky and uncomfortable blanket. Our daughter could not use it since she has sensory processing disorder and could not handle the feel of the hard poly pellets inside her blanket.  We started to research different fillers for weighted blankets and were intrigued by the use of glass beads. After a year of research and development, we found the perfect size glass bead to make our luxury weighted blanket.

The glass beads are fine glass balls that are small enough to give a smooth feel inside the blanket, but large enough to stay in the blanket. We evenly distribute the glass beads in pockets inside of a liner between the blanket fabric. This gives the blanket a luxurious feel and look. Most weighted blankets have the pockets showing on the outside. This can can actually cause seeping as the stitching could come loose and the beads could seep. Since our blanket does not have any stitching on the outside, we eliminate the chance for the beads to seep and at the same time, hide the glass beads! 

 The above image shows the same weight in glass beads and poly pellets. As you can see, the glass beads are more dense, which makes a much more luxurious blanket. Komfy Couture uses high-quality glass beads and the finest fabrics we can find to create the perfect weighted blanket.

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Size Chart

          Weight (LBS)

User                        Blanket

35-40                          5-6

45-50                          6-7

55-60                          7-8

65-70                          8-9

75-80                          9-10

85-90                          10-11

95-100                        11-12

105-110                      12-13

115-120                       13-14

125-130                       14-15

135-140                       15-16

145-150                       16-17

155-160                       17-18

165-170                       18-19

175-180                       19-20

185-190                        20-21

195-200                        21-22

205-210                        22-23

215-220                        23-24

225-230                        24-25

235+                                25